Frequently Asked Questions

Is the package recyclable?

Yes. The bottles are produced in HDPE (#2) and the caps in Polypropylene, PP, (#5).  Most communities are now recycling both materials. Here is a link to see if your community recycles these materials.

How do I open a Horizon container?

The Horizon CRC closure needs an adult-sized palm to push down and turn to open, for secure ease of use. Here is a quick tutorial demonstrating how to open the package.

Will the Horizon cap work on my current bottle?

We can easily alter your bottle’s current neck to accommodate our innovative design finishes, giving you exclusive choices for packaging and branding. Contact us today about evolving your bottle for improved usage.

What is the difference between silk screening and offset printing?

  • Both apply ink to labels and products.
  • Silk screening offers better color matching and a wider range of colors, including metallic. Up to four colors can be applied.
  • Offset printing transfers detailed images much better, offering up to eight colors per image.

What are shrink sleeves? How are they applied? Where can they be purchased?

A shrink sleeve is a printed film that is created and applied directly onto a container using a heat tunnel or heat gun. Shrink sleeves provide the opportunity to brand your entire container. They can even deliver tamper evidence. Contact us to find out more about shrink sleeve options.

What are the child-resistant regulations for compliant cannabis packaging for each state?

Cannabis packaging regulations can vary by state and may change as the markets evolve. Always stay up to date on current regulations. Information is subject to change. See links below for reference: